Coffee with Francesco Abbruzzino Seems To Be Enjoyed Thoroughly, So I will Continue It After The Political Season



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Coffee with Francesco Abbruzzino Seems To Be Enjoyed Thoroughly, So I will Continue It After The Political Season

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News



This is a concept that came out of the 2018 local elections.  Where we meet at a coffee, shop, a park, the Bayfront, or wherever.  While there we have a long form conversation regarding a multitude of issues.


By long form, I mean the live shot can be 15 minutes or three hours, it depends on the time line, subject matter, and person being interviews.  No commercial interruptions.  This idea or inspiration came to me for this concept because:


  • I am an avid listener to Joe Rogan’s pod cast. He does this, and I get so much information out of it.
  • I was listening to the local MSM interview someone and they had three segments lasting 3, 4, and 3 minutes. With that approach I got nothing from it, except putting a face to the name of the individual being interviews.


As the political candidate will attest too, these Coffee with Francesco Abbruzzino sessions are instrumental in affording them enough time to get their message out and to reach individuals that I refer to as the regular folk.


For this round of political conversations, I avoided injecting my opinion because I just wanted to hear their positions on the issues.  In the second round with any candidate or on other issues, I may question more and if need be, challenge individuals and their positions.  To me, this is about learning more and getting more information out to the masses.


I think I will continue to offer Coffee with Francesco Abbruzzino, since individuals outside and inside of the political arena have asked if I will interview or have coffee with them.  I was asked today if I will do this to cover the Promenade, which we will set up in the future.  I just asked one simple thing from everyone that is interested in an interview, remember that The Scoop News is a hobby that I am losing money on and I have a full-time job running my company of twenty years.  With that in mind, I can interview as follows:

  • Skype – Anytime during the week or on weekends. However, the weekdays can be tight with my schedule.
  • In Person – Any weekend. Sometimes during the week, depending on my schedule.


If you have a subject or someone that you would like me to interview, let me know and I will see what I can set up.


If anybody is interested in picking this concept up financially or sponsoring me (wear your gear, advertise your company, ect), I am always open to it.


To schedule an interview, just email me at or email through my main Scoop News page on Fb.


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