A requested update on the Sarasota man that was arrest for sexual battery of a child under 12


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A requested update on the Sarasota man that was arrest for sexual battery of a child under 12

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News

I was asked about an update on the arrest of Cimilano, which I posted about the other day.

In another complaint the victim talked about being sexually assaulted by Cimilano on Thanksgiving.   He sat down next to her and put his hand under the dog that was on her lap and ……..  I will avoid writing about what took place, but I am sure you can put one and one together.

Cimilano admitted to the sexual assault, but stating he only put his hands in between her legs and did not touch her personal area.

According to the victim, Cimilano has been sexually assaulting her for several years.

During another incident last month, Cimilano had the child (under 12-yearrs of age) scratch his back while he watched pornography in the living room.  He would basically tilt the cell phone so that the child could see the pornography on his phone.

When questioned about this, he admitted to everything, except allowing the child to view the pornographic videos.   He did admit to allowing the child to view obscene material on his computer.

On another occasion, Cimilano admitted to the SCSO investigator that he entered the victim’s bedroom, disrobed the child, and sexually assaulted her in a very unpleasant manner.  The child must have been horrified.

Let’s hope this guy remains behind bars for a long time, after what he has done to this poor child.

All of this information comes directly form the probable cause affidavit’s, via Sarasota County

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