The Venice High School firing of Coach Peacock continues to grow tentacles, as boosters consider cutting off funding




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The Venice High School firing of Coach Peacock continues to grow tentacles, as boosters consider cutting off funding

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News



According to the school district, Peacock was fired because of a tweet and the culmination of other issues.  Issues that are remain unclear to many of us.  How is it that the culmination of issues was so bad, that liking a tweet was the final straw that broke the camel’s back?  You can catch up on his firing via any of the three links below:


I put out this video last week, which covered some new information on his firing.


Educaate, Inspire, & Affect Change: Racism, Huddle, Law Suits & Illegal practices

#BreakingScoopFrancesco Abbruzzino – The Uncensored Report Live Stream: #Racism, taping illegal practices, hacking #Hudl, law suits, and politics are all in play with the Sarasota County School system firing of PeacockTo share this with your non FB friends, send them to my website at: All my video reports are unedited, unscripted and I am not reading from a placard. Hence, you are seeing the real deal with only one live take, where I opine on a news event. So, if you are looking for a typical newscaster structure, which comes from reading a script, you are on the wrong site. #Venice, #NorthPort, #Englewood, #Sarasota, #SiestaKey, #SarasotaCounty, #LongboatKey #BradenRiver #venicehigh #coachpeacock #Football #SarasotaCountySchool

Posted by Francesco Abbruzzino – The Scoop on Friday, May 4, 2018



However, the local MSM has stayed away from it.  I guess they do not want to be black listed by the school district, as I have been due to my reporting.


No questions about the alleged NCAA investigation into the hacking of the Hurdl program, by an IP address based out of Braden River.  The alleged involvement of a college, who’s employees allegedly have ties that lead back to Braden River is apparently is meaningless to local MSM and school officials.  Peacock busting the Braden River coach in an illegal practice, prior to making a ridiculous accusation that like a tweet was racist are missing from the local MSM headlines.


The other day I was contacted by one of my many sources.  That individual told me that several businesses were meeting to discuss pulling their funding from VHS programs, due to the unfair firing of Peacock.  Concern with  xxxxx’s involvement in the firing and that individuals history within the school system, along with influence at the county level and from outside sources.  So, I sent the school district this email to for some clarification:


Francesco Abbruzzino – BCI <>

May 7 at 8:43 AM

I am being inundated with some information regarding the firing of Coach Peacock as the VHS Football Coach.  I am looking for some information:

  1. Was anybody at the school board level or administration responsible for the firing?

  2. Did any of the school board members or administration have any input into his firing?

  3. The AD stated it was due to the tweet and a culmination of issues.  What specifically culminated to this?

  4. I am getting hit hard about xxxxx’s involvement in the firing.  Information about some issues she has been involved in, but also a few people communicating to me that there is a video of xxxx aggressively handling a student in a physical manner, at last year’s graduation.  I am being told that the video was handed over to the school board, but nothing was done.  

    1. Is this accurate?

    2. If so, can I see the video?


Francesco Abbruzzino – BCI <>

To:Beeker Tracey

May 8 at 10:17 AM

There was a meeting last night with several individuals in Venice and some of them have contacted me regarding some issues involving xxxxxx.  Please forward me any information on these three issues, while xxx was at Riverview:


  1. Sexual Harassment allegations involving an English Teacher that took issue with xxxxx’s locker room talk and actions
  2. Allegation of an interview involving a coach, where certain references were made, regarding his preference with a certain body part
  3. Allegation of a hazing event involving a football player that was held down by the coach as his head was shaved by the players but went unreported by xxxxxx     .


As is the norm with the school district, they ignored my FOIA request.  Forget the fact that my business is registered legally as The Scoop News, that I have press credentials, and that I am viewed as a media source in the county.  Apparently, the school feels that they do not have to be transparent, unless you work with the local MSM.  Even then I am not so sure transparency is a rule the district lives by…..


When will the school district, politicians, local police, and everybody else understand that I am reaching out to them for their side of the story.  I never edit their communication and it gives them a chance to refute any allegations that have been communicated to me.  When they don’t respond, I end up only putting out what I have uncovered, which may reflect negatively on an organization.


So, last night several business leaders had a meeting regarding the Coach Peacock firing.  According to a source that was in the meeting, several of the financial contributors are not happy with the firing of Coach Peacok.  Also, they are not happy with how the administration has responded since the firing.  Some of the allegations are that the VHS Administrator’s lied to them and that they were put on conference calls while thinking they were having a one-on-one call with Jackson.


One big concern is when they asked the administration to break down the cumulative issues that led to the firing.  The administrators referred to events that were inaccurate or not directly related to any involvement by Hancock. 


Some new information has come out, since my last video report.  The new information relates to events that took place, prior to Coach Bradly sending out his email to the School Board, regarding the tweet and running with the racist narrative.

  • I was informed that the school administrators were informed about the hacking of Hudl 2.5 weeks prior to the tweet, by Peacock (this is new). Hudl is a program that the local football programs utilize.  It is alleged that Peacock’s and all of Braden River’s competitors had their Hudl hacked, by an IP address out of Braden River.  Allegations are that folks from Braden River had something to do with the hacking.  Right now, the issue is under criminal investigation and Hudl will not release any further information on the issue.  It is believed that the school board took no action on this issue, outside of talking to Coach Bradly.   It is assumed that the coach knew about the Hudl issue and that Peacock was noting concerns with it.
  • An individual recorded Coach Bradly having illegal practices and got the video to Coach Peacock, who then turned it over to the FHSA. Supposedly, the VHS Administers were not happy that he bypassed them when he took this action.  I am sure Coach Bradly was not happy with Coach Peacock for turning him into the FHSA.


Call me crazy, but do you think this is enough to have an individual claim racism for liking a tweet?  Do you think that Coach Bradly may have been a bit upset with Coach Peacock?  Do you think he may have been upset enough to run with the racism narrative?  Was any of this considered, prior to pushing the button and firing Peacock?


As I stated in my video report, the VHS Administrators were prepared to have a meeting and smooth everything over.  At least that is the feeling that most people got from Principal Jackson.  However, some of his staff and School Board members thought it may be an excellent opportunity to get rid of a sore on their butt.  I say school board members because it was told to me that the order to fire came down with the full support of the School Board.


The bottom line from last nights meeting is that three business that contribute a significant amount of money are considering pulling their funding, with others considering the same action.  They do not like how the administration has responded to them and they are not happy that Coach Peacock was fired, in what they view as a witch hunt.


Like I said in my report, I am not a friend of Peacock and had issues with him calling me a crook on a VHS Volleyball post.  Ironically it was the same post, where the team thanked me for giving them $500 towards the purchase of their state championship rings.  So, him losing or keeping his job means nothing to me.  This is more about the system being able to fire him, without true cause, just because they had enough of his arrogance.


This is on ongoing story and shall be continues………………