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Request to Have Francesco Abbruzzino Speak At Your Event

I am always interested in giving speeches on subject matter that I cover daily on The Uncensored Report and The Scoop News.  My speeches are free, but I just ask that you provide me as much information as possible.  Also, it is in my and your best interest that you understand where I stand on various issues.  I don’t think you would want me to come out and speak about aggressively developing Sarasota County, since I am for controlled and sustainable growth.

Please keep in mind that if you are asking me to speak about national or international issues, that my views are often considered to be Libertarian.  I strive to cover all issues based upon the fact, however my opinion will align more with my Libertarian beliefs.

On local issues I am known for being a firm believer in property rights, controlled and sustainable growth, less government, government accountability and a bit of a environmentalist.

If you have read my articles, listened to my Uncensored Reports, and want to have me speak at your event; just complete the form below.


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